Posted on June 16, 2014

5 Creative Styles to Spice Up Your Promo Video

Promo videos are to online businesses what TV ads were to brick and mortar ones a decade ago.

The outbound marketing techniques of TV advertising are no longer as effective as they were before and only the best brands can afford to create ads that grab attention.

But the dynamics of promotion have changed. As an online business, it’s absolutely vital that you have a promo video for three main reasons:

  1. More people tend to view a video on a home page than read all the text
  2. Videos are easily clickable and viewable on mobile devices.
  3. Get discovered through video SEO and calls to action.

Promo videos are inherently self-promotional, but the secret to creating a truly successful promo video is telling a story. It can be entertaining, emotional, informative or glamorous. Invoke an emotional response to your video and you have a much higher chance of getting noticed and starting engagement through conversations.
To act as a creative springboard, here are 5 evergreen ideas you can mimic for your own promo videos.

Situational Narrative

The promo video that really caught our eye was the brilliantly executed AirBnB’s How to AirBnb. You see a girl who talks about AirBnB while she stays in different types of places booked through AirBnb. The video takes you through comfortable cottages, extra bedrooms let out in apartments, homes where the owner is away for the weekend, rooms on boats and many more locations. All the benefits are seamlessly woven into situations making the pitch less intrusive and more inviting.

A Different Point of View

It may seem like an intuitive idea when it comes to product like Google Glass and the GoPro camera since both these product focus on the user’s perspective. But Amazon’ Indian one-day delivery ad proved that you can use this concept for any kind of product, service or idea


How It Was Made

Moto 360 walks you through the design process of the modern timepiece. This helps consumers see the amount of detail, workmanship and skill that goes into creating something, which ultimately increases its perceived value.


HellManns It’s Time for Real’ created for provides clever, visual data that persuades people to buy local Canadian food products. If you’re backing a cause, an idea, a service, a product or a business model that has a lot of impressive statistics and data behind it, consider making a visually animated infographic to use as your promo video.

Live Demo

A demo is probably the first idea that you think of for a promo video when you have a good product. The idea may not be excitingly original, but sometimes it can make you more money! Businesses that focus on helping customers more than trying to appear clever are the businesses that thrive, after all. But this doesn’t mean that your demo promo video has to be boring. The Box for iPhone and iPad video does a great job at making a demo look clean and interesting. And Skitch makes it look fun!

Think Different. Get creative!

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