Posted on May 27, 2014

Social Video Marketing Tips for Smart Businesses

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Social video marketing is catching on as more businesses realize the impact video has on their customers.

But what exactly is social video marketing? Is it merely creating a video and using social media to tell the world about it? Or is it creating videos in formats that are specifically suited to certain sites like Vine?
Strangely, none of these obvious explanations quite cut it. Social video marketing is a standalone marketing technique that attempts to build a community around the subject of the video. You can compare it to how your blog works. You choose to use your blog as a medium to educate, inform, entertain or otherwise capture a targeted audience whom you can eventually convert into customers.
If you’re planning to set up your own social video marketing strategy, keep these quick tips in mind:

Social video marketing

Create content that starts conversations

Answer questions, solve a problem or tell stories that draw people in. For instance, if you have trouble getting started, check out Lowe’s ‘Fix in Six’ Vine videos and Oreo Snack Hacks. These short video bites are product centric but still general enough to appeal to a larger audience. Your aim is to get people talking about and sharing your video. Viral videos are a great way to do social video marketing.

Build a community around the conversation

Having a video series or a video channel that people can subscribe to will turn them from passive viewers to an engaged community. For instance, This Week in Startups hosted by Jason Calacanis is a video channel that has a large community of startup founders, entrepreneurs and investors who contribute to the videos via interviews.

Address negative issues quickly

Using videos to sort out misunderstandings, negative reactions to a campaign or marketing gaffes can lend more authenticity to your brand. Instead of a large organization, people can see the people behind the brand.

Distribute using social media and video curation sites

So you’ve created a video that has the potential to be shared widely? You next step is obviously to spread the word about your video. Leverage your networks, different channels and paid online ads if you can afford them.
If you have experience running social video marketing campaigns, let us know about it in the comments!

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